The Lucky 7 Meme

Tristina Wright tagged me for the Lucky 7 Meme.  Here are the rules:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next seven lines as they’re written–no cheating!
4. Tag 7 other writers
5. Let them know

Alright–here it goes.  Seven lines from Landry Park:


Ewan pulled a wrapped package out of his pocket and handed it to me.

“I can’t take that.”

“It’s not radioactive, I promise. Just got it from the ration station before the


“No, not that. I meant I couldn’t take it because it’s yours. Your food. I

can’t take that knowing—” I stopped. It seemed rude to imply directly to a

Rootless that I knew they were starving.


Melissa Lytton

Angela Parkhurst

Lisa Otto

Melissa Brady King

Katie Ernst

Michelle Bruhn

Melissa Hurst


Your turn!


4 Responses to “The Lucky 7 Meme”

  • Elizabeth (Lisa) Otto Says:

    Thanks for including me! Here are 7 lines from Heat Rising (I hope I counted these right! lol)

    “Jayda?” The warden asked as Jayda collected

    her things on the other side. “I’m warden

    Hixton. Rick Mabe said you’d be coming. Nice to

    meet you.” They walked through a series of grey

    hallways and security doors to reach the main

    holding area.

    “This is level two,” Hixton held the door open.

    (I’ll have to dig up 7 writers who haven’t already been mentioned :)

  • Tristina Says:

    Aaaaand now I really want to read the whole thing.

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