It’s been a while.  Partly because of conversations like this:

Noah: Mom…Mom…MOM!!!!!

Me: ?

Noah: Where did the sun go?

Me: Under the horizon.  Well, not really under, but the earth has rotated away from the sun and now it’s dark.

Noah: Rotated?

Me: That means spun.  The earth spun away from the sun.

Noah: *screams* WHY?!

Me: Um…?

Noah: Why does the earth spin?!

Me: Well…I guess when there was a proto-solar system and everything was made of dust and gas, it was spinning and then when the planets accreted, they kept spinning…?  (Can you tell I have an English degree?)

Noah: Why was the dust spinning?

Me: Maybe the sun had gravity and that made it spin?

Noah: Why’d it keep spinning?

Me: *struggling to remember that astronomy class I had in 2009*  Inertia?  The something law of…uh…something momentum?

Noah: MOMMY!!!!!

Me: ?

Noah: Where’d the sun go?

Me: Time for bed.


Here’s another gem:

Noah, upon seeing me chew gum: If you chew gum and then you swallow it, it will get stuck in your butt.




Noah: *holding up his foam sword* I have a sword to help me when the sky is raining blood!


Huh?  This three year old watches less than the prescribed AAP two hours of TV a day, and all of those hours are PG or G, personally vetted by his father or myself.  He has never seen a superhero movie or Star Wars or Transformers or Harry Potter–even though he will eventually since he has geeks for parents.  And yet…when the sky rains blood.

Other than listening to the insane things my preschooler says, I’ve been librarating and working on my YA contemporary WIP.  I’m waiting on my first ever editorial letter for Landry Park, and I am terrified.  I am convinced it’s just going to consist of a giant NO written in red ink.


2 Responses to “Why”

  • Nadine Says:

    Basically, your kid is an epic hero waiting to happen. Although blood rain sounds awfully Biblical.

  • Ashley F. Says:

    Let’s get the whole mental picture straight here. The sky isn’t just raining blood in his fantasy, he’s also standing in the middle of the street. I believe it was “Um, I’ve got this sword for when it’s raining blood and I’m standing in the middle of the road.”

    I’m pretty sure that This Thing will actually happen, one day.

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