May 9 2013

Sexy things are sexy

So, last year one of my critique partners told me that she was thinking of writing an adult romance novel and would I think about reading it?  The closest thing to adult romance I’d read at that point was Clan of the Cave Bear and its sequels, which does feature a lot of Jondalar and Ayla doing it in their cave and then in other people’s caves.  But she was my CP and I loved her and I told her I’d be happy to read it.  And then she could disregard my “not enough drying meat and woven baskets in the background” comments.

Little did I know that I would be addicted (ADDICTED) to Laurelin’s books.  They are sexy and funny and touching, and they make me have all the feels.

So that’s why I jumped at the chance to host her cover on my blog, even though I write YA (which features feels but no boinking, cave or otherwise.)  I know that you will love Fixed on You as much as I did.

Fixed on You Cover Final

Yeah, that’s right.  Garters.  And a suit.

Expected release date: July 31, 2013


Stalking and restraining orders are a thing of Alayna Pierce’s past. With her MBA newly in
hand, she has her future figured out – move up at the nightclub she works at and marry the
manager, David. He’s perfect for her because, although he’s attractive, he doesn’t get her all
turned inside out and upside down like some other men have. It’s a safe plan, one that assures
she’ll remain in control of her obsessive love disorder.

But what Alayna didn’t figure on is Hudson Pierce, the new owner of the nightclub. He’s smart,
rich, and gorgeous – the kind of guy Alayna knows to stay away from if she wants to keep her
past tendencies in check. Except, Hudson’s fixed his sights on her. He wants her in his bed and
makes no secret of his plans to seduce her. Avoiding him becomes impossible after he offers a
business proposition Alayna can’t turn down and she’s drawn further into his universe, unable to resist his gravitational pull.

Soon Alayna’s charmed by Hudson in every way possible and the control over her old behaviors
slip. When she learns Hudson has a dark history of his own, she realizes too late that she’s fallen
for the worst man she could possibly get involved with. Or maybe their less than ideal pasts give
them an opportunity to heal each other and finally find the love their lives have been missing.

About Laurelin:

Laurelin Paige is a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s kissing, much to
the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn’t seem to complain, however.
When she isn’t reading or writing sexy stories, she’s probably singing, watching Mad Men or the
Walking Dead, or dreaming of Adam Levine. She is represented by the wonderful Bob Diforio
of D4EO Literary Agency.

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